Garden CL

In June of 2015 we began a new project called “Horta CL” (CL Garden). This garden serves to develop the abilities and self-esteem of the worker. We have built and maintain this garden based on partnership with Casa CL members and homeless volunteers who seek to establish healthy connections while they seek supportive housing or drug rehab opportunities. Having work to do alongside our transitioning friends has helped tremendously to identify those that are truly motivated to develop a new way of living. Labor dignifies the laborer. This can be clearly seen and felt at the Horta CL.

Horta CL also creates a space for healthy interaction between CL members and the general public. Neighborhood residents come to the garden daily to buy their veggies and to admire the beautiful environment that our friends have created there. Our workers in turn develop friendships with the garden clients, thereby developing their sense of social inclusion.