At Crescimento Limpo we strive to do everything that we put our hands to with excellence. These projects are taken on as life missions and callings before God. And God has been faithful in continuously allowing us the means by which to continue.

We rely on financial partners who desire to be a part of this mission through regular financial support. We do not intend to brag or create our own fame as workers, nor do we have financial partners who would use Crescimento Limpo for political glamour. Instead, we count on those who authenticly wish to join forces with us and with God to bless our neighbors in the city of Itu.

We have recently created an American non-profit organization called “CL-Changing Lives” to help facilitate donations from the US to Crescimento Limpo in Brazil. Your donation to Crescimento Limpo will now be tax deductible through this non-profit organization. Make your donation here through PayPal.

Partners who dedicate monthly recurring donations are essential to the continuation of our services. We recommend that donors consider making a monthly donation of the value that might be spent on a day of recreation for your household – be that $20, $50 or $200.

Thank you for helping us to carry this mission forward.