Crescimento Limpo has joined with the previously existing CURA medical campaign to promote access to health services and social inclusion to residents in vulnerable neighborhoods. CURA began as an annual medical campaign where for one week in July a group of various medical specialists joined together to offer an annual medical campaign. Diverse medical specialists offered their care and expertise for free to the community during a month in July. This campaign took place for five years in the community of Cidade Nova, and in 2014 transfered the focus of activities to the neighborhood Vila Progresso.

CURA continues to bring together volunteer doctors, dentists and other medical specialists with the goal of facilitating access to medical consults and care that are so often neglected or out of reach to members of these disadvantaged communities. In 2016, we continue to offer services in Vila Progresso with the annual medical campaign happening July 18 – 22 in Olga Benário Prestes school. To confirm details and register as a volunteer visit the CURA’s site:

Beyond this medical campaign,we began a weekly youth program in 2014 to encourage the social development of children in Vila Progresso. These encounters take place every Monday night and are used to develop conversations about social issues and interpersonal understanding. Our goal is to develop healthy connections with these kids and to offer them positive role models with whom they can identify and trust.

We hope to assist these young friends to develop and maintain character and integrity.
In January of 2016 we initiated a new social program within CURA called, “Adopt a smile, 50x 50”. With the assistance of 50 donors willing to give BR$50 a month for 6 months we are able to provide regular and continual dental care to 50 children from Vila Progresso who would not otherwise have the means to afford this care. Our vision is to provide continuous dental treatment to our young friends of Vila Progresso, and as we are able, to other places and individuals in need of this same service.