CL House (Halfway House)

Many people who live on the streets would like to have a start at a new life. Most of society would like to see them start anew as well! So what keeps it from happening?

For our friends living on the streets, it’s nearly impossible to make a good first impression for a job interview, they have no address to put on their resumé, and alone they lack the moral support to keep trying and focused until they’ve succeeded in finding employment. Beyond this, even with a job but no cosigner, a new resident needs three months of advance rent to secure an apartment. These are a few of the obstacles that complicate the process of starting a new life. Our society is simply not structured to facilitate one’s rising up from the bottom.

We believe that all who wish to recover from homelessness and drug addiction should get a real shot at success. That’s why we created Crescimento Limpo to offer supportive housing. We receive individuals from rehab clinics, hospitals and out of homelessness who are abstinate of drug and alcohol abuse. The specific focus of Casa CL is resocialization; a re-engagement of society, work routine and independence. Each resident receives a bed and individual closet in a room with no more than three roommates and a chance to begin again.

We provide regular sessions with an “in house” psychologist and a home environment that is safe and favorable to social development. Our team of monitors is consistently available to help create a resume, provide tips on facing the challenges of each day or to simply hear out our friends in Casa CL.

Residents pay no rent to live at Casa CL, but we do insist that they open a savings account in their own name and make continuous accumulative deposits that represent a third of their income. In this way we develop the habit of putting money aside for rent amongst our friends, and facilitate their process of completing their time at CL and leave as financially ready tenants. Those who wish to have a new start find their cheering squad and support team in Casa CL.

Casa CL offers the following services:
Supportive housing
Regular meals
Mutual support meetings
Bible studies
Accompaniment by Psychologist (individual and group)
Literacy and rudimentary math classes
Cultural and socio-educational excursions
Referrals to other relevant social services