In 2011, we decided to open the doors of our house to welcome friends from the street and have lunch together. And we decided to believe that these friends were capable people. Those lunches changed our lives forever. Once invited, our friends started to cook, do the cleaning and even bring food to share.

Some of them asked for help to get into a rehab program. They went there, spent six months in a therapeutic community and came back renewed. But we arrived at a dilemma: where does a person go after rehab? Without a family to go back to and without financial condition to rent a house, their only option was the street. We saw in that dilemma our mission.

Crescimento Limpo (literaly “Clean Growth”) exists to enable a healthy and lasting independence to our homeless friends. Our main work is a housing initiative that offers housing, essencial needs and resocialization after the rehab treatment. Today our residents come to us through therapeutic communities, hospitals and the city social services. They take responsibilities of full time jobs and taking care of the house. We support them as they learn to deal with the difficulties of an independent life.

At CL we use the services of a psychologist and a support group. We attend a christian community and we promote several social and educational events, inside and outside the house, as ways to support a healthy resocialization. Your involvement is more than welcome. Get in touch with us to learn more and to find out how we can work together.

– Mark Kaiser, Director